Myzus Persicae

Find the Symptoms of Myzus to Know the Treatments

Problems with your peach tree, such as shriveled leaves or stunted growth, are possible signs that your tree is housing Myzus Persicae, or the green peach aphid. This agricultural pest has become quite a nuisance across the U.S. and worldwide, developing a resistance to the very insecticides created to destroy it. Quick to reproduce and able to adapt to ever-changing conditions just as fast, they have become a serious threat to agricultural crops everywhere.

Aphids, sometimes called plant lice, are small, pear-shaped insects. They have long legs and antennae, which they use to pierce plant stems and the like. As is usually the case with troublesome insects, these aphids can reproduce without mating, producing several offspring in one day, and some are of the winged variety. Other insects are the only effective biological control agent due to their ability to develop a resistance to man-made chemicals.

This insect, though a serious threat to peach tree crops, is an incredible testament to nature's ability to adapt to its surroundings. This is another prime example of survival of the fittest at its best.